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sábado, 20 de novembro de 2010


Sometimes I don't actually now what I'm talking about

I love fashion, love travelling, love shopping

be at home is fun and what about going out?

Going to paris FW, new york or just cooking?

Linving in a big city or living in paradise?

Meet the same people or meet someone new?

Be married or get beeing comprimised?

being with a friend, loving someone always?

How a human beeing can be so complicated? Could I be a creative? A fashion journalist? Live in New York, Stay where I am or risk the bet?

All of you girls have your own questionnaires in your minds. I just reccomend follow your instincts, sometimes we get so reasonably that we stop living life as it should be lived.

Live with love, adventure, insecurity, be afraid, cry, follow and get up again get your head up and stop hearing others. Ear yourself in the instanct that you fall in the ground if you wait too much it wont be you it will be all the society trying to change your mind. Follow your instinct, follow your heart.

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